Leaving steady jobs, their first home, and the comfort of consistency behind, husband-and-wife duo, Lucrezio, took to the road in March of 2013, having since performed their intimately soulful acoustic set in 32 states in only a matter of eleven months.  The road proved simultaneously challenging and exhilarating, carving out moments of  humbling self-awareness and beautiful conversation.  Though all was necessary to deem venturing into the unknown a worthwhile endeavor, for there is no easy shortcut to living out one’s dreams.   “Dreamers” gives simply a glimpse into this couple’s sacrificial, albeit thrilling, adventure of not merely life on the road, but life lived in response to a sense of both passion and purpose.  Each song, recorded live at different venues across the United States, captures a unique moment of the journey; one that can be revisited but never repeated.  Such is the life of the dreamer that dares to be a part of something far greater than ones self.